SA Estate Agents Association - The Association IN PERSPECTIVE



  1. The Association is EXCLUSIVE TO Estate Agents, Real Estate Practitioners, Conveyancing Attorneys, Bond Originators, Finance Facilities, Selected Contractors and Service Providers, Estate Agents Coaches / Trainers and Facilitators.
  2. The Association is a professional Network for the benefit of Estate Agents and Agencies.
  3. SA Estate Agents Association is a division of MF Rotary Network Biz Hub in Association with Stewarts International.


This is a PROFESSIONAL NETWORK where members can in orderly fashion and style:

  1. Exchange Business Intelligence.
  2. Raise and Address Issues and Concerns.
  3. Express Opinions.
  4. Seek and Find Industry Related Solutions.
  5. Share Beliefs.
  6. Take Control of Marketing Tende.ncies.


  1. EAAB Support Communication and Support Services.
  2. Integrated Network and Marketing Solution.
  3. CORE FOCUS on Estate Agent Development, Coaching, and Training.
  4. The most Comprehensive Professional Platform and Network EXCLUSIVE to Estate Agents / Practitioners.

Various Social Media Groups and Pages were created for Multiple Purposes.

Our Common GOAL AND OBJECTIVE is to reach between 2 000 000 and 3 000 000 Reasonable and Legit Facebook Friends per month.

  1 SA Estate Agents Association Interactive Facebook Group   13      SA Home Owners Association    Networking
  2 Estate Agents Education and Training Facebook Group   14           Open Source Network            Networking
  3 ..................Property                    Listings Group   15            MF Rotary Network              Networking
  4 ............Property For Sale            Listings Group   16             Blue Chip Network              Networking
  5 SA Estate Agents Association Information Page   17      SA Home Owners Association    Networking
  6         Best Property Deals         Listings Page    18           Open Source Network            Networking

..................Property                    Listings Page

  19            MF Rotary Network              Networking
  8 ................Sell a Prop                  Listings Page   20              Blue Chip Network              Networking
  9 The Property Warehouse Listings Page          
10  SA Estate Agents Association Twitter Account          
11  SA Estate Agents Association LinkedIn Group          

 SA Estate Agents Association   LinkedIn Page



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